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Bilal Portraits
Deep, dark and often disturbing, the work of Enki Bilal has a realistic life of its own. Based on a futuristic fantasy by the artist in his graphic novel, the style showcases the world in the aftermath of Yugoslavian civil wars. Chaos and confusion dominate, fears ride high and the thin line between the defeaters and the defeated is clearly visible.

Enki BIlal, the creator
Bilal work, though classified as comic and graphic, takes us to the other end of the colour spectrum. Somber shades of black, grays and browns dominate the scene and life is not the fun place that art often makes us believe.

Deep and dark styling
The style is definitely not for the faint hearted. It is for those who like something novel and are ready to transport themselves to the magical fearful world that Bilal creates. It is for those graphic novel fans and lovers of pop art, who are constantly seeking art that titillates.

Personal Bilal
Artists at the Personal Art studio recreate the Enki Bilal magic, but with real photos. Your digital photos are not simply converted, but transformed in a new light that retains the Bilal essence. Your personal Bilal becomes a unique piece of art, that is unmatched and stands out in a crowded room. Not only does it enhance the surroundings, it invites the viewer to come closer and watch the detailing. It speaks, like no other form of art can.
And it comes alive on mediums of your choice. Like with every other pop art at our store, Bilal too is printable wherever you desire. Just check out the mediums and styles we offer and let us know what you want. You can speak to our artists too, on phone or through email and ensure that your ideas are truly reflected, to make the piece of personal art as timeless and true-to-you as possible.

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Showing all 11 results