Lichtenstein Style Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein is noted as one of the most sophisticated heroes of the Pop Art movement. Known as the ‘Master of the Stereotype’, his style is unique, and the focus is on creating comic like pictures. Lichtenstein’s pop art enjoys widespread popularity even today, and his creations are considered timeless.

The Roy Lichtenstein style is remarkable and stands out amidst the various forms of pop art. Instead of focusing on subjects, his work focused on how mass media portrayed those subjects, a concept that led to new interpretations. Based heavily on consumerism and homemaking, his images showed people and their lives in a contemporary light.

Whether you want to narrate an experience through photographs or want to make your image speak up, we recommend this style. Known for its comic like images, usage of dots, heavy contour lines and bright colours, Lichtenstein’s work is like a breath of fresh air in pop art. You can also narrate a concept in one or more frames.

At Personal Art, we make it possible for you to convert your real photographs into Lichtenstein portraits in more ways than one. While other providers promise to provide similar services, we do it better with our team of talented artists. Each selected picture is converted into this style with utmost care, so that you get the closest version of a Lichtenstein portrait. Check out our samples to judge the quality of our work.

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Showing all 16 results