Banksy Spray Paint Graffiti

Street Art – Banksy Graffiti Style

Also known as spraycan art, the Graffiti style is known for its bold images and unconventional messages. Airbrush and spray paint are the most prominent means of creating this art, with bold text messages located on or beside the image.

The Graffiti form of art emerged during the 1960s and has been developing ever since. From simple messages to elaborate paintings, the graffiti form of art is usually bold and striking. The artists often rely on paints, spray paints and also marker pens to create desired objects.

A range of graffiti styles have emerged over the years. These include ‘tagging’, which is the artist’s handstyle or signature. Throw-up or bombing is another style where two or three colors are only used. A piece is an elaborately done graffiti while a blockbuster is a large piece done on a large block.

Many famed artists continue to inspire the Graffiti style of art. These include names like Banksy, Pixnit and Blek Le Rat. Besides these well known artists, there are many others also who work to improve the art form. Our team of artists too are experts at graffiti and can recreate it on to diverse media to provide the desired look for you.

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